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For more specific queries phrase searching, operators, and filters , visit the full Search page. In order to ensure the proper functining of this website, please enable JavaScript in your browser security preferences or use a device that supports it. Source : Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum , 3 vols. Martin Gerbert St. Blaise: Typis San-Blasianis, ; reprint ed. Electronic version prepared by Stephen E.

Book Review: The Mass

Dominus Est - It Is the Lord - Veils by Lily

De intima coniunctione Ecclesiae cum tota familia gentium. GAUDIUM ET SPES, luctus et angor hominum huius temporis, pauperum praesertim et quorumvis afflictorum, gaudium sunt et spes, luctus et angor etiam Christi discipulorum, nihilque vere humanum invenitur, [] quod in corde eorum non resonet. Ipsorum enim communitas ex hominibus coalescit, qui, in Christo coadunati, a Spiritu Sancto diriguntur in sua ad Regnum Patris peregrinatione et nuntium salutis omnibus proponendum acceperunt. Quapropter ipsa cum genere humano eiusque historia se revera intime coniunctam experitur.

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O SANCTE angele Dei, minister caelestis imperii, cui Deus omnipotens mei custodiam deputavit: per maiestatem eius et pietatem te humiliter deprecor, ut custodias animam meam et corpus meum: et omnes sensus meos a pravis et illicitis desideriis: a noxiis, vanis, et immundis cogitationibus, et ab illusionibus malignorum spirituum: a pollutione mentis et corporis: et ab insidiis inimicorum meorum visibilium et invisibilium quaerentium animam meam: et sis mihi protector tutus, ubicumque iero diebus ac noctibus, horis atque momentis, et conserva me in mundo opere: et confirma me in timore et amore Iesu Christi cum sanctis desideriis: et post hanc miseram et caducam vitam perduc animam meam ad aeternam felicitatem: ubi cum Deo et omnibus sanctis gaudeat sine fine: praestante Domino nostro Iesu Christo: cui est honor et gloria in saeculorum saecula. Amen O HOLY angel of God, minister of heavenly power, whom almighty God appointed as my guardian, through His majesty and devotion I humbly beg thee to guard my body, soul, and all my senses from perverse and illicit desires, from hurtful, vain, and impure thoughts, from the illusions of evil spirits, from the pollution of mind and body, and from the snares of my visible and invisible enemies seeking my soul. Be my watchful protector wherever I may go, night and day, every hour and every moment, and preserve me in clean works.
Joseph Dunney. Publisher: Angelus Press. Distributor: Angelus Press. Reviewer: Anthony Cornwell. It is an authoritative explanation of the Roman liturgy, explaining every part of the Mass carefully and in depth, including a discussion of vestments, Church architecture, etc.
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